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The Complexity Map

A tool for measuring and visualizing accidental complexity in Java and J2EE/JEE applications.

Complexity Map enables you to keep track of this accidental complexity (also known as 'technical debt') in your enterprise codebase in a visually attractive way. It allows you to guide the development team and keep complexity at an optimal minimum level, ensuring new functionality can be developed at a sustainable pace.

If accidental complexity is not managed, eventually developers will become overwhelmed by it. As a result, development will come to a grinding halt, leading to substantial risks for your organisation. Complexity has become such a large part of your applications that bugfixing or adding features becomes virtually impossible. Complexity Map will help you visualize this technical debt and hint which areas and files are in need of refactoring.

Currently Complexity Map has the following features:

  • flexible architecture to support numerous static or dynamic code measurement tools
  • displays code violations in individual or aggregated layers
  • zoomable interface allows quick analysis of large scale enterprise codebases
  • violations and metrics can be aggregated along various axes
  • code analysis results are weighted and summarized to calculate a total 'complexity torque'
  • drill down to individual finding-level (and sideways from this level) for detailed analysis
  • layers of findings can be saved for historical trend analyses

To learn more about the Complexity Map, take a look at the introduction, read about the concepts or see the frequently asked questions.
Also, the screenshots provide a good idea about the visual possibilities of the application.

Deploying the Complexity Map

The following signs are an indication that Complexity Map could add value to your organization:

  • the go-live of the next release of your custom application needs to be postponed again
  • you have limited insight and trust in your IT Systems Integrator or IT Organization
  • it seems like recent functional changes are taking much longer than they used to

Complexity Map is available under open source license. Additional services are available from the community or via


2008.06.10: An article on the ComplexityMap was presented at the Industrial Realities of Program Comprehension working session of ICPC 2008.

2008.05.29: ComplexityMap as been released under GPLv3 license at

2008.04.08: A Quint-2 Browser for visually drilling down the software quality model is available.

2007.11.21: A plugin for visualizing and remotely refactoring Confluence-pages has been added to ComplexityMap.

2007.10.05: A demo of the Amazon Architecture (conceptual) has been added.

2007.07.07: Go-live of the Complexity Map homepage.

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