charting enterprise application complexity

Complexity Map Demos

Select any of the links below (requires Java 1.5+ with Web Start).

Available demos

Basic instructions

Moving the visualization around

  • left-click and drag outside of the core-visualization to pan
  • right-click and drag to zoom
  • middle-click to 'zoom to fit'

Playing with the data (for the JHowDraw-demo)

  1. click the PMD-button to import PMD-findings
  2. select a different ViewPoint (e.g. Cyclomatic Complexity)
  3. change the Sensitivity Multiplier to analyse the sensitivity of this metric (notice the Sensitivity Intervals change)
  4. right-click org.jhotdraw.geom to drill down to package-level
  5. click the MetricValue-column header to sort (notice contains the highest CC-finding - 21)
  6. double-click (any) to see all findings for this file
  7. double-click (any) Confusing Ternary to see all classes which contain this violation
  8. double-click (any) org.jhotdraw.draw to see all findings for this package
  9. select the 'Summary Aggregated and Weighted' ViewPoint
  10. check the tick-boxes of the metrics to include in the summary (packages with no problems show in green)
Don't hesitate to contact Mark in case you'd like to see a visualization of your own (or a large open source) codebase.

Known issues

This demo gives an impression of the Complexity Map visualization, but is not bug-free, nor feature complete.
The following bugs are known for the demo v0.1:

  • Checkstyle-import does not work in Demo-mode - requires source-code
  • Prefuse log gives a console-error on initialization - log-directory is unavailable from where the application is started

Your feedback is appreciated.