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Confluence Knowledge Visualization and Management


Enterprise wiki's, such as Atlassian's Confluence, are becoming an ever more popular method to capture and manage an organization's knowledge capital. While the flexibility of a wiki allows pages to be added quickly, seeing and maintaining structure can be difficult, especially over time. This Confluence-plugin for ComplexityMap aims to address this challenge by offering visualization of structure and the possibility to refactor/restructure pages.

This tool builds on ideas that were earlier presented at:


The Confluence-toolset for ComplexityMap currently offers these features:
  • visualization of all confluence spaces in a treemap
  • visualization of all pages with a particular space in a treemap
  • renaming/refactoring of a page from the ComplexityMap-context menu (via right-clicking)
The following features are under consideration:
  • determining the size of the page node by the size of the page
  • changing the node's color based on relevance, quality or other attributes
  • optimization of the queries to the Confluence webservice-API
Don't hesitate in case you have any suggestions.


The following visualization was created by querying Confluence's CLOVER-space.